Miami Maid Stars Terms & Conditions

By using this website to book service, you agree to comply to be bound by these terms & conditions if you do not agree to these terms & conditions, do not book service with us.

Booking Confirmation

Booking service online doesn’t guarantee you a spot for that date/time, you will be contacted by email or phone with a confirmation.

In order to reserve your cleaning date and time, a deposit of $70 will be applied. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE but deductible from the total cleaning price.


Oral contracts are typical in our industry. Once an estimate is accepted, either orally or by email, the job will be scheduled. If the client needs to cancel a scheduled job please give us at least 48 hours notice. In case there is not enough notice and the client is a “no show”, then the client will be billed a $150.00 + tax Re-scheduling Fee. We know people have busy schedules and can forget our seasonal bookings. However, missing an appointment can affect other appointments on our schedule. We do our best to remind clients of upcoming appointments. So, please understand that this fee doesn’t even begin to cover the inconvenience for us and other clients. In order to avoid the fee please make an effort to keep your appointment.

In Florida, the weather can be unpredictable and may affect our ability to provide certain services. Therefore, Miami Maid Stars reserves the right to reschedule any job that may be impacted by inclement weather, such as heavy rain, strong winds, or other adverse weather conditions. We prioritize the safety of our team members and customers and will only perform services when it is safe to do so. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the event of any necessary rescheduling.



Regular exterior cleanings are recommended to prolong the life of your windows. If your windows haven’t been cleaned in a long time pre-existing scratches may become visible after initial cleaning. More than likely, they have been hiding under years of dirt and were left by a painter or previous window cleaning. Years of hard water buildup, corrosion from pollution, and seam failure in thermal paned windows can be revealed after initial cleaning. We recommend replacing windows that have seen this kind of abuse and or neglect. We also do our best to make the client aware of damaged windows. Due to the large expense of replacing scratched windows, Miami maid stars will not accept employment from anyone who will not indemnify and hold harmless Miami maid stars.

Sometimes delicate older panes of glass can break while being cleaned. If such situation were to happen, we will do our best to replace the broken pane/panes & glazing. If the broken pane is too large for us to replace then, we will need a 3rd party estimate from a window installation company. After which, we would promptly take care of the damage.


Sometimes soap, water, and elbow grease aren’t enough to remove paint, sheetrock mud, clear coat, silicone, glazing, mold, algae, bird droppings, and spider web tack marks. So, we use industry-standard titanium razor blades to remove these hard to remove debris.  We may also employ a less abrasive approach by scrubbing the glass with a wet fine-grade steel wool. This is usually the best course of action on Tempered or treated glass. These are both widely used & accepted practices in our industry. But require a skilled technician to perform. Due to the large expense of repairing or replacing windows, Miami maid stars will not accept employment from anyone who will not indemnify and hold harmless Miami maid stars.


In order to fully clean storm windows they need to be removed from the building, cleaned, then replaced. Sometimes storm windows can be tricky to remove and re-install without the glass cracking. As careful as we try to be, sometimes accidents happen. Due to the large expense of repairing or replacing storm windows, Miami maid stars will not accept employment from anyone who will not indemnify and hold harmless Miami maid stars.


Over the years screens tend to fall apart from weathering or abuse. Therefore we do not take responsibility for damaged screens due to prior neglect. If damage occurs to a newer screen that is clearly our fault we will do our best to repair it for free. Miami maid stars will not accept employment from anyone who will not indemnify and hold harmless Miami maid stars.


We do our best to make sure that all major debris is removed from your home or building’s gutters, valleys, and downspouts. We make sure that water gets flowing again and that there are no clogs from the peak of your roof down to the ground. Sometimes it is downright impossible to remove small sediment buildup, but that’s ok. It is the larger debris that clogs your gutters and downspouts. So, that’s what we focus on.

We do not clean subterranean drainage pipes.

Due to the nature of gutters, leaves and debris usually start accumulating immediately after cleaning. Miami maid stars only guarantees that the gutters and downspouts are clean and functioning upon completion of a cleaning. 

Most of the minor gutter repair we perform involves pounding in a nail or two, or re-attaching a gutter or downspout with screws. Sometimes, it is even necessary for a leaky gutter to be patched with silicone. If a gutter needs repair, there is probably already some water damage to the building. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for any pre-existing or subsequent damage. Water damage can be expensive to fix. Miami maid stars will not accept employment from anyone who will not indemnify and hold harmless Miami maid stars.


The removal of debris from a roof can be done in many different ways. We take a gentle approach. This includes using the appropriate cleaning methods and being careful where we walk. If damage occurs to a roof while cleaning, it’s more than likely due to prior neglect or a previous cleaning. Damage to a roof can cause water damage and be expensive to fix. Miami maid stars will not accept employment from anyone who will not indemnify and hold harmless Miami maid stars.


Pressure washing can make a drastic aesthetic difference to a property. However, extremely high water pressure and volume has a potential to damage the surface being cleaned or back up your home’s drainage system. We make sure to always use the appropriate water pressure for the surface being cleaned. However, we do not take responsibility for damage that is an inherent risk of pressure washing such as paint loss, and marks left on wood and concrete. We also try to make sure available drainage does not back up. Water damage can be expensive to fix. Miami maid stars will not accept employment from anyone who will not indemnify and hold harmless Miami maid stars.


We have been setting light displays up for years. So, we have plenty of experience. However, we are not certified electricians. Therefore, we cannot take responsibility for blown fuses or short’s in a client’s home. We also take no responsibility for electrical or fire damage caused by a light display we installed. We do our best to set-up displays to carry the appropriate loads of electricity. But we cannot take responsibility for the quality of the lights being installed or the load carrying capacity of the wiring in a client’s home. Miami maid stars will not accept employment from anyone who will not indemnify and hold harmless Miami maid stars.


Cleaning Crew

Our employees have been rigorously background screened & drug tested prior to working with us, you can rest assured all our staff has integrity and is held accountable.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to deny &/or terminate service because of safety concerns, inappropriate or uncomfortable situations, weapons on-premises, severe clutter & disconnected utilities.

Our employees have the choice to leave if the home is in an extremely unsanitary condition or if they feel unsafe/threatened. If you book a cleaning that is unreasonable, the cleaners may refuse service on the spot & you will be charged the cancellation fee.

Cleaning Day Preparation

Your price for cleaning is based on the cleaners focusing all of their time on cleaning, we ask that you take a few minutes to tidy up to allow the cleaners easy access to the areas/surfaces to be cleaned: floors, countertops, tabletops, etc. If you’d like our cleaners to do these tasks for you, call the office in advance so your cleaning fee can be adjusted for the additional time.

Add-On Services

  • These services are available for an extra charge
  • Clean Interior Windows & Sills
  • Detail Blinds
  • Detail Baseboards
  • Dishes
  • Clean Inside Kitchen Cabinets
  • Clean Inside Oven
  • Clean Inside Fridge
  • Sweep Inside Garage
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Carpet Washing



We will gladly work around pets, we ask that indoor activity is limited for cleaning efficiency & safety reasons, if your pet becomes anxious or presents a safety concern, Miami Maid Stars reserves the right to remove its employees from your home.

Our employees are instructed not to enter a house if they believe an animal is a threat, pets may behave differently if a family member is not present. If the removal of our cleaning technician is due to aggressive pets, our cancellation policy will apply.

Service Fees

Please remember we give these instant prices based on years of experience, but we may adjust the price based on the actual condition of the house. To ensure there are no surprises when we arrive & find that the job will require extra time we’ll call you to let you know if we are unable to reach you, the crew will have to leave & you will be charged the cancellation fee.

We reserve the right to reevaluate rates at any time based on the time it takes to perform our service to meet the client’s standards, Miami Maid Stars will contact the client to discuss price or service revisions if the cleaning time differs drastically from the original bid.


In order to reserve your cleaning date and time, a deposit of $70 will be applied.

Payments must be made on the day of cleaning by check or credit card.

Miami maid stars accept only credit cards for payment. Work is invoiced and payable either immediately after completion of the work, in person, by mail, or digitally through our email invoice. We are a small business. Prompt payment is important to us. If we do not receive payment within a  7 days of the invoice date, we reserve the right to impose a 10% Late Payment Fee. If the account remains unpaid after 30 days it will be sent to collections.


Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds, we have built our business providing our clients with the best possible service available, still, we realize that we are human, and things will from time to time get missed, should this happen email or call us within 24 hours & we will rectify the error at no charge.

Recurring Service Discount

Recurring discounts start AFTER the first cleaning service, if you skip cleanings so that your cleaning’s frequency is lower than what you were set up for, your price will be increased to the pricing level for the lower frequency

Rate Increases

Client’s cleaning rate adjustments may be made at any time during the year should there be changes to the frequency of the client’s established service schedule or home or living situation: remodel, change of address, number of people living in the home, a significant addition of furniture, etc.
The customer rate shall be increased annually, by an amount not-to-exceed 8% of the client’s current rate.


The client shall make the service location accessible to Miami maid stars personnel on the scheduled service day. If the team is locked out of the Client’s home, every effort will be made to establish contact with the Client to arrange for entry into the home, if contact is not made within 20 minutes of the arrival of the cleaning team, the scheduled cleaning will be skipped & you will be charged $70 late cancellation fee, this fee is necessary to compensate the employees for unexpected lost revenue & time travel, to avoid the fee provide us with a key or code to gain entry to your home.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

Service reliability is extremely important because we reserve a time, especially for you, we request that you give us a minimum of 48 Hrs. advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason to avoid incurring a $70 cancellation fee.


If your home is equipped with a security system, please ensure that it is in the off position or call our office with the code & proper directions for use. If the code should change please let us know so you do not incur a lockout charge.





Use of Homeowner’s Vacuum

If you request to use your vacuum, we will not assume or accept any liability for damage to the unit. Since we are not responsible for the maintenance of the vacuum, we will not be responsible for any repairs to it. This is important because if the vacuum is not in working order when we arrive to clean your home, we will not be able to perform any vacuuming of carpet & hard floor surfaces.

Cleaning Supplies

We provide the equipment & products needed to thoroughly clean your home, if you require us to use green cleaning products only, please let us know before we start the service.

If you require to use your cleaning supplies, note that we are not responsible for any damage associated with those products. When this request is made we ask that you have the cleaning chemicals & supplies ready so we can perform our cleaning service as efficiently as possible.

Items We Cannot Clean

Mold removal is a specialty, we cannot be liable for any mold-related risks in clients’ homes.

We cannot clean hoarding homes or areas containing any animal’s & human’s body fluids, blood, feces, vomit, cat litter boxes, bird cages & urine, or excretions.

Unreachable Areas & Heavy items

For safety & liability reasons our employees can’t climb higher than a step stool or work outside of your home. Cleaners can’t move objects more than 35 pounds, if you would like cleaning behind heavy objects, please move them prior to cleaning.

Breakage/Damage & Loss Policy

While an occurrence is rare, the possibility of breakage or damage is present while we clean. Our cleaners exercise reasonable care when cleaning your home, we carry insurance for damage or breakage caused by our cleaners.

We are not liable for damage that is caused by normal wear & tear, improper installation of an item in your home, artwork, collectibles, or family heirlooms not disclosed during the booking process, these items include but are not limited to the following

  • Artwork, Collectibles & Family Heirlooms: These items are expensive & impossible to replace, the client should point out such items to us before starting service, please advise us how you would like your fragile items handled & their care.

Notification must be made within 24 hours of breakage/loss of any personal items. Identical replacement is always attempted but not guaranteed.

Cleaners Arrival Window

We schedule our cleanings in an order that requires the least amount of drive time in an effort to maintain low prices & avoid trip fees, if you require a specific time we will make every effort to accommodate your request, however, no times are guaranteed.

Due to the unpredictable nature of our business & unforeseen circumstances traffic jams, weather, and mechanical problems, allow us the flexibility of scheduling our cleaning between 8:00 am & 4:00 pm.

We generally do not run more than 30 minutes earlier nor more than 45 minutes later than the scheduled appointment time, if we are running late we will call you and/or text you.

Key Release

Client keys are coded & stored inside a locked cabinet to which only the managers of Miami Maid Stars have access.

In the event the client chooses to leave a door unlocked or place a key under a mat or any other unsecured place for the cleaners to gain entry into the home, Miami maid stars will not be held liable for any damages or theft to the client’s home.

Upon termination/cancellation of services, Miami maid stars shall return any client key(s) in its possession no later than 48 hours after termination of services or the next business day.

Non-Solicitation of Miami maid stars Employees

As our customer, we ask that you agree not to solicit for hire any of our cleaning employees to work directly for you. Our professional cleaners are background checked, their references verified & have completed comprehensive cleaning training. Significant time, resources & money are invested in each new employee before we allow them to enter our customer’s homes.

Governing Law

Any claim relating to Miami maid stars website shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

We have taken every effort to design our website to be useful, informative, helpful & honest, hopefully, we have accomplished that & would ask that you let us know if you would like to see improvements or changes that would make it even easier for you to find the information you need.

Miami maid stars reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice to you

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