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We clean your windows using proven methods that leave your windows shining and sparkly without leaving streaks or spots. We work with bonded & insured cleaners only

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tradional window cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning

We will clean your windows best using the newest tools to get the job done.


Traditional window cleaning involves using a mop and a squeegee.

For all your super dirty windows we also have special bronze wool pads or steel wool that will scrub the windows even more without leaving any scratches. Whatever the dirt we have the solution to your problems. 

Our cleaners are always bonded & insured. 


We as window cleaners always strive to be on time to make you a happy recurring customer. Because unfortunately, clean windows do get dirty again. And we’d want nothing less than to provide you with clean windows every single time again.


Contact us today for a free quote or use our super easy online booking form to get an appointment immediately!

Osmosis Pure Water Window Cleaning

Our go-to technique for reaching difficult windows on the outside. This awesome technology works because clean water contains zero other elements. This way it absorbs all the dirt that is on the glass and will leave your window looking spotless.

The way this technique works is by working deep into the structure of the glass. This means that all the dirty residue has to be able to get out of the glass by using this technique. You might notice that after the first time using this technique, you might not have picture-perfect windows but after a few times the glass will start looking more and more perfect. 


Because after a few times, the pure water will work into the deepest pores of the glass.


The added benefit of this is that you will have to clean your windows less. So, in the end, this will save you time & money. 


We know this because that’s what a lot of our customers have said over the years. They all become believers and start demanding we use pure filtered water with a water-fed pole.

osmosis cleaning

How You Can Book Online

Over the last few years, we started to notice a trend more and more. 

People want to be able to book their cleaning instantly. And they want to have access to a fair price. 


Since we care so much about what our customers want we thought we’d provide exactly that. 


That’s why we’ve partnered up with our online booking partner booking koala. 


All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your windows and we’ll give you our price instantly.